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Dive deeper into boxing! Learn the more intricate parts of the 'sweet science' and get a better understanding of what it takes to compete. You'll be supported by instructors that have competed successfully in boxing at the amateur and professional levels. Become a contender today!

Classes Offered



Take your boxing skills further with this class. You will learn many combinations and defensive skills while punching, and more advanced pad-holding and coaching techniques. Before you start participating in this class, please make sure to attend the Beginner Boxing Class at least a few times.

Intermediate Boxing

This technical, intermediate/advanced level class will push your body and mind to the next level! Concentrating on reaction, defensive, and offensive training you will be exposed to what works well in the ring all the while continuing to build your core and cardiovascular strength. This is a prerequisite class to get you into the ring!


Beginner Sparring

Test your boxing skills and stamina in the ring! This class will match you with trainer-approved opponents to ensure your first sparring sessions are safe, fun, and supervised. Beginners are given priority in these sparring sessions in order to ensure time in the ring.

Amateur & Professional Sparring*

Come join our fight team and get the chance to have contenders in your corner. With a wealth of experience fighting both amateur and pro, we have the experience to expertly guild you through your boxing career. This is for Contenders' more advanced members and medical clearance is mandatory.


Open Gym

Want to work out on your own and hone some of the skills you have learned? Want some guidance from one of our expert boxers and trainers? This is the time set aside for personal training when you can have access to using the heavy bags, free weights, ropes, and other exercise equipment here at Contenders.

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