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The perfect place to start your boxing journey. Get access to a proven, effective system to teach you boxing. We take great pride in working with you - regardless of your age or ability - to help you get the most out of your experience.

Courses Offered

Boxing Fundamentals

Never boxed? Don’t worry, the Boxing Fundamentals class was designed with beginners in mind. Learn basic boxing techniques such as the proper stance, footwork, and, of course, punches. We highly recommend this class to all newcomers.


Beginner Boxing

This fast-paced, high energy class is a great combination of workout and skills. You will improve skills learned in Boxing Fundamentals and work on multiple punch combinations, footwork and defensive techniques.

Sparring Drills / Sparring Fundamentals

Now that you’ve learned how to throw proper punches, learn what to do when you're on the receiving end. This class focuses on improving the basic skills necessary to participate in sparring. A mouth guard is mandatory.



If you are looking to improve your flexibility, balance and lower body strength, come check out this beginner level Kickboxing Class! Learn how to use your legs as your striking tools, and have a good sweat while practicing various combinations.

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