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The Contenders Team is committed to delivering one-of-a-kind, fun, effective, and rewarding private training regardless of the clients’ fitness and skill level. Spice up your workout regime by adding a private boxing training!

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Classes Offered

One-on-One Personal Training

One of the main things of our exciting and innovative personal training is working on hand pads which helps you improve muscular strength, speed, cardio and coordination. Our personal training also incorporates various core, plyometric and weight exercises, and is designed and led by one of our professional coaches to help you achieve your goal, whether your goal is to get in better shape or to get in the ring as a fighter.



Semi-private personal training offers personalized fitness at a reduced cost compared to one-on-one training. Semi-private training sessions are available for 2-3 people per group. Enjoy the benefits of exercising with friends, siblings and coworkers. It's motivating, challenging & tons of fun! Each small group personal training session is 1 hour & focuses on full body fitness, with the close guidance & instruction from a highly skilled personal trainer.

Team Building Program

Using boxing at Contenders as the ultimate team building exercise, co-workers and teammates will work together as they learn boxing skills in a challenging, safe and friendly environment. Our boxing classes are famous for being an intense workout, and this program is no exception! Recommended to companies who are looking to boost teamwork and productivity within the team, and to provide their employees with the healthy way to release stress.


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